Currently no evening satsangs, Saturday intensives, or weekend retreats with Bart and Deborah are scheduled. If you would like to host one, please send a note to

“During this lifetime I have had the blessing of meeting a few beings that shine with the light of Truth, unobstructed, through their own unique expression in this world. Bart Marshall and Deborah Westmoreland are two of these rare individuals. Both individually and as a team, Deborah and Bart are powerful teachers and wise counsel. With love, wisdom and clarity they inspire, guide and shine a light so that others may find the truth for themselves.” –-Brenda McMorrow, Kirtan Musician

“It is difficult to describe the transformational power that occurs in the presence of these two master teachers, Bart Marshall and Deborah Westmoreland. I have personally seen the light go on for others who sit with Bart and Deborah. One can certainly call what Deborah and Bart do teaching, but that label fails. It is really transmission. The state of grace they both embody can be realized for others in their presence, and I can think of no greater gift that can be given.” –-David Newman (Durga Das), Sacred Musician, Author

“Bart and Deborah have a unique way of holding a mirror up for us to see your True Self. There is no “teacher” to “student” structure when you retreat with them, but more an invitation, as intimate and open as a close friend, to consider the boundaries and belief systems we create that keep us from Truth. If “waking up” is your greatest desire, my words fall short in trying to describe what these two very special beings can enlighten for you. Little did I know when I went on retreat with Bart and Deborah what I was really in for. All the charades of my desperate and needy mind were brought to the surface, and for the first time I knew them for what they were. In this knowing, the illusion of the character of Yvette that I had believed in all my life, dropped away. What is left now is a not-knowing—a delicious, indescribable emptiness that has always been home.” –Yvette Om, Kirtan Musician, Yoga teacher

“Dear Bruce,
Just returned from the retreat with a vastly different view of things. Bart and Deborah were exactly as you described, as were the attendees. Today I also saw everyone being separated from the awareness they sought by a very thin veil. You said this in our Skype conversation, but I didn’t believe it. I found myself silently rooting for them to simply drop that last thought or attachment that I could see was in their way and they’d have it. Today I also saw everyone as extensions of myself. They were all different, but each possessed at least some of the qualities I had called mine. As you know, this is vast change for me, to say the least, and definitely not the condition in which I arrived. I am not “awakened” by any means, yet seemingly have dropped a lot of baggage and doubt and the need to control outcomes. The way and timing they used to introduce headlessness was brilliant. I somewhat regret purging my story to Bart the first two days, although it was probably beneficial in a way I was unaware of at the time. By the end of lunch today I saw how open everyone was, especially a young guy named John. He seemed to me very closed, even suicidal on the first day, but glowing like a light bulb today and I was silently very happy for him. I saw very clearly that differences in character make no difference and, notwithstanding the fact that Bart and Deborah are awake and didn’t need a retreat as we did (which is a difference that cannot be overstated) they are the same as us.” –David Joel, attorney